Image Flair Etiquette Plus Academy – Enriching the lives of our children

Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette is an acclaimed and internationally-endorsed etiquette and  image consulting & training agency. We are proud to be an affiliate of Civility Experts Worldwide and are the official,  and exclusive, Children’s Character, Confidence and  Courtesy Coach Certificate Train-the-Trainer for Singapore.

We are the experts who train the experts. We have trained and certified many successful etiquette trainers in Singapore  as well as worldwide in building their etiquette businessess and we are proud to use Civility Experts Worldwide copyright training tools and materials. We believe that providing character education early in life can make a positive difference in every child’s personal development.

Our Vision is to provide the opportunity for all children to learn the social skills necessary for securing their successful future.

At the early stages children are more impressionable as well as eager to learn new things. It is more effective to teach children at younger ages in life because they have goals that they view as reachable. At Image Flair, children know that all goals are reachable, and they hold their head up high knowing  they have what it takes to make those goals a reality.

Your children will also learn things such as:
– What to do when they meet people
– How to leave positive impressions and why it’s important
– Building their self esteem and self assurance
– Wowing their audience and keep their attention
– Respecting others
– Following rules and adjusting to routines
– Writing skills
– Table Manners
…. and that’s just the beginning. We teach in a fun, engaging manner so that your children are being educated as well as having an excellent time.

Our Workshops are kept small on purpose with never more then 12 participants in a class. We do this in order to provide each student the individual attention he/she deserves.

We believe that every child should be given a chance to succeed in life. You as parents will see the change and it will be a rewarding experience that continues to give for a lifetime!

Our short video has summarized our dedication towards children, watch it here.



Eunice Tan
Founder and Sole Owner Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette
Master Trainer, International Civility Trainers Consortium (ICTC)